Safety Reporting

As part of our overall safety goals, ABX Air has established a non-punitive safety reporting system for EVERY employee at ABX Air and Global Flight Source to report concerns, errors or problems. Safety concerns are not just related to our flight operation but also include general safety concerns. The information is reviewed and analyzed to facilitate early detection and improved awareness of operational deficiencies. The information in employee reports is used to identify the root causes of problems and errors. ABX Air will take corrective actions to address these systemic errors or problems. This process promotes collaboration between employee work groups and management for the early identification of hazards. The Safety Department will follow up with each employee by email or phone. All reports will be accepted unless they involve criminal activity, substance abuse, alcohol or intentional falsification. Different employee groups may be able to file more than one type of report. See below:

ALL employees, including part-time and causal employees, have access to this report. The ABX Air Safety Department will remove the name on each report so that the focus remains on the issue and not on the person who filed the report. If you hold an FAA Airman Certificate and are a Pilot, Flight Operations Officer or Mechanic and believe you have violated a regulation, please file an ASAP report versus a General Safety Report.

ABX Air, in cooperation with our employee labor organizations and the FAA, has established an Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) for Flight Crew, Flight Operations Officers and Maintenance Employees. The ABX Air ASAP is a voluntary, self-reporting program designed to identify and reduce possible flight safety concerns. The FAA offers enforcement incentives to those who file these reports. ASAP uses employee input to identify safety concerns and issues; operational deficiencies; non-compliance with regulations; deviations from company policies and procedures; and unusual events. In partnership with relevant departments, labor organizations, and the FAA, each report is investigated and corrective actions determined based on a non-disciplinary approach to flight safety. There is no limit to how many of these reports an individual may file.

This site is used to file operational Irregularity Reports. Please refer to the link on this website to see if your event requires an Irregularity Report.

All Flight Crew Fatigue reports are submitted via this website. Reports are de-identified and discussed at a monthly meeting to identify a root cause of the report and future ways ABX Air can reduce fatigue, such as schedule or hotel changes. Representatives from Scheduling, Flight Operations, Safety, the FAA, and Teamsters Local 1224 attend these meetings.